Mahayana Buddhism Sutras HD Video

The sutras of the Buddha-Dharma are immeasurable like an infinitely vast ocean. It is said that there are 64,000 compendium of Buddhist sutras. With so many sutras available, have you ever wondered which are the major sutras to focus for Mahayana traditions? When it comes to the practice of Buddhism, there is no better way to connect and understand the Buddha’s minds than through reading and studying the sutras ourselves. Most of the time, we understand Buddhism through the lens and interpretations of a Buddhist master, as opposed to understanding the Buddha’s teachings through reading the sutras. Why is reading the sutras so important? All Buddhist masters are humans and humans are not infallible, let alone free of foibles. The diverse personalities and intellectual capacities of Buddhist masters play a significant role in their focus when it comes to the interpretation and explanation of the sutras. Therefore, it is crucial that genuine Buddhist disciples take it upon themselves to read, study, and understand the sutras. We can read millions of commentaries by countless Buddhist masters but nothing beats the sublime bliss of experiencing the eureka moment of sudden awakening when we grasp the deeper meaning. Now that most of us are leading a hectic lifestyle with so many commitments to juggle – be it in work, family, friends, and personal well-being, finding time to read becomes a real struggle. With so limited time to spare and yet so much to read, which sutras should you focus?

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