Raksha Bandhan- an everlasting Bond of affection between a Brother and a Sister!

Raksha Bandhan- an everlasting Bond of affection between a Brother and a Sister!

Raksha Bandhan is an ancient Indian festival celebrated once a year on the entire moon day of the month of Shravan (August). it is the normal way of celebrating the love between siblings. The festival has originated within the India, but it's gained plenty of importance across the planet among all communities.

The word Raksha Bandhan literally means “A bond of Protection”. This festival isn't only a practice of tying rakhi but it's further transited into the trust and love which a lady ties on her brother's wrist and hope that this hand will always hold her in every ups and downs of life. this is often often a festival that glorifies precious emotions of affection , care, and affection.

Every region and community have gotten their own ways of enjoying rakhi. Many stories are linked to the origin of Raksha Bandhan. one of those is that the story of Lord Krishna and Draupadi. Legend has it that Krishan while killing evil King Shishupal, was left with a bleeding finger. Seeing this, Draupadi tore a strip of cloth from her sari and tied it around his wrist to stop the bleeding. Lord Krishna, realizing her affections and concern, declared himself bounded by her sisterly love. He promised to protect her for all times . a couple of years later, the Pandavas lost Draupadi within the sport of dice and Dushasana tried and Dushasana tried to disrobe her.Draupadi prayed to Krishna and he made her saree to be infinite length so as that Dusshasana couldn't take it off.

Siblings teasing each other could also be a practice that extends back through all of history. Let’s celebrate this Rakhi during a funny way!

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