Of ‘nothing’ or ‘absence of any quantity’

Of ‘nothing’ or ‘absence of any quantity’. It is believed that ancient people were understanding the meaning of nothing but they had no proper concept or symbol to use it in mathematics before the 5th century. For the invention of zero, most credit goes for 2 Indian mathematicians and astronomer Aryabhatta and Brahmagupta. “Zero not only represents nothing but it also represents the starting point of anything”. The name for the number ‘0’ in English is ‘zero’ which is derived from the Italian word ‘zefiro’. It is called ‘shunya’ in India in Hindi language and ‘sifr’ in the middle east in the Arabic language. There are many more words that represent zero like nothing, naught, nil, none. . . Follow : touchofhistory . . . #hinduism #zerowaste #maths #india #sanatandharma #aryabhatta #vedicmaths #bharat via Instagram https://instagr.am/p/CEn0Y7rlNrC/

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